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GB-Analysts Reports, is the product of business operations based on the confluence of knowledge of a multi-disciplinary collection of analysts engaged on socio-economic issues analysis, and initially was informally launched in December 2007 as an Internet Billboard. With the institution of the onset of the development as a Bill-Board, this site which until then had been used mostly for historical reviews was given an initial face-lift, appropriate for supporting a media business.

The singular aim of GB-Analysts Reports is to educate, inform and promote values that are known and anticipated to contribute to the betterment of humanity. The object of the site is constructive abstraction of knowledge, and thus making the mission of GB-Analysts Reports as the "Integrated Knowledge based Analyses of Socio-Economic Issues", with the posture being towards "integrated knowledge" and "analyses", and accordingly proffers approaches and analyses from which knowledge integrators can develop individual unique answers. Accordingly, the company proffers through this site, position and analytical papers examining issues from every angle conceivable in pursuit of homing in on the truth of matters.

At inception, the Reports is simply being operated as a non-formalized entity, while the team of analysts qualified to examine the varied aspects of human endeavor, is being put together. The management team of the company which is also being developed for the vision and mission of the company is also being recruited for. However, while the recruitment is underway, the management of the operations is consigned to Nkassens Trust.

Then in September 2010, a decision was made to dedicate it to remain an information center on socio-economic issues without association with any business aspects of the The Reports contributing Analysts Companies;, and so, at the same time, its management also got assigned to the parent company, GB-Analysts Companies, Ltd, of the affiliate companies that contribute The Reports.

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