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   2013 - Reports Development Plan
In the first half of 2013, The GB-Analysts Reports will formally become part of a group of operating companies engaged in socio-economic issue analyses, and also become consigned to the administration and management oversight of the parent company of the group of companies.

Further, accordingly, an Editorial Group will be formed to review, edit and revise the reports currently published in a bid to bring both the style and quality of the reports to the high end standard of information and data analyses.


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The GB Analysts Reports Reading Room is actually a subsection of its own, sporting an entirely unique Menu of its own: TechSoft Analysis, Situation Analyses, The Entrepreneur, Development Thrust, and Abstracts

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Exciting New and Updated reports of analyses for your reading to tickle your intellect; with the update reflecting the analysts commitment to continually enrich the contents of previously posted articles.


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