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Computer aided operation of socio-economic issues is so very essential that this aspect of the analysts reports are separated out and made the focus of this class of the analysts reports. In virtually all such reports the the results of the analysis is the development of software specification on which to base the development of the application software for the socio-economic issue.

These analysts reports provide all perspective on an issue of import to the world or a crucial segment of the world. The analysis is often thorough and comprehensive, yet always evolving and therefore in that sense always being periodically updated to keep the overall content of the material current. In general, articles are documentation of reflections on issues by analysts sufficiently comprehensive .

This class of analysts reports focuses on eliciting such thrusts as are germane to Social Welfare Driven Economic Development of the peoples of the World, in recognition of the need to facilitate the uniform development of all of
humanity. Of course, these analysis also address some issues, thrusts as may be efficacious for even developed communities to the extent that such issues definitely bear on Social Welfare Driven Economic Development concerns.

Perspectives of entrepreneurship that is often missing, as that of the starting up of a business, are the focus of the analysts reports of this class. A Start-up Business is so very dynamic and the significance of Execution Phase - when most start-ups fail - is often so poorly planned for that thorough comprehensive analysis of this phase in relation to the other venture development phases of business entities is crucial to developing successful businesses.

EDITOR'S CHOICE Report of the Week

The Entrepreneur: Positioning Business in Green Manufacturing

Positioning a business in a new and budding industry often entails educated decision making because opportunities abound, though also froth with risks. Currently, the Green Technology Industry provides such opportunities for entrepreneurs to position businesses in a new and budding industry.  As has been shown repeatedly through the analyses of Combustibles and Solar-Power Green Technologies, the seemingly efficacious thrust of Green Technology Industry growth is by retrofit engineering. In that development then, the  most of the manufactured parts , components and devices, which would be needed in the budding Green Industry, are the same form of materials as the energy industry has been known to require in the past for years, and for which the requisite skill-sets are already well-defined.

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Over the years readers of the Analysts Reports have read some reports more times than others, and as such those reports are designated as readers' favorites and short-listed here for other readers.

Situation Analysis: Fermentors for Heterogeneous Continuous Bioreactors

The Entrepreneur: Stages of Venture Startup 

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