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Initial Post 04_21_2008; Update Post: 03_04_2009; 03_23-2009

The global industries or markets, depending on one's preference for description, have almost always operated at some point in time as zero-sum games. Under such circumstances there have always arisen issues of National Security or National Interest. Naturally, in a zero-sum game the stance on the global arena of every nation and every person is to get as much as possible for families, communities and country at the expense of the others. Even in this day and age of globalization the implicit objective remains the same.

In this arena of growth, certain countries have done very well. These are either the countries that have long adopted the posture of growing the World Pie and consequentially changed the dynamic of the game from zero-sum to what may be termed as zero-sum plus; and that "plus" would be "plus what I have created", or countries that have recently adopted that posture. The leader of this pack of creators, of course, has been the United States.

Creating  any form of industry or market within these countries has been by the entrepreneurial citizens. Any one of these citizens, The Entrepreneur, therefore is any person who is disposed to create and consequentially enlarge the global pie in some respects.

However, now more than ever, The Entrepreneur has become even more significant, in view of the rapid growth of the world population, the shrinking of habitable and farming land-masses, the issues of global warming, the rising of the sea levels and what have you.

Coupled with this global demand for the creativity of the entrepreneur, there are also massive local problems of unemployment which in some cases is beginning to result in mass unrest. There is therefore the urgent need for the creation of employment opportunities - a situation that can best be addressed by entrepreneurs.

Of course, and very hopefully amongst the unemployed are also large numbers of entrepreneurs who have for one reason or another being tied to the schedules and dictates of a normal employment. However, once liberated from such bounds, whether intentionally or otherwise, the mind-set of the entrepreneur takes hold, whether or not gradually.

Therefore, more than ever, every nation now has the responsibility of establishing an environment that supports entrepreneurship. Then, of course, the citizens of nations that are entrepreneurial must also assume the mantle of The Entrepreneur.  Of course, the assumption of the mantle is not without jeopardy. In fact, the degree of risk inherent in the assumption of the mantle of The Entrepreneur, is so daunting that often the entrepreneur is derogatorily referred to as a dreamer.

Admittedly, the approach that a government takes may differ from nation to nation, all the same some concrete steps needs to be taken to facilitate the situation: Developed countries that already have  the system of unemployment benefits in place may opt to have the unemployed submit business Plans for developing an enterprise; Developing countries on the other hand may choose to have aggregation



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 of small crafts practitioners to form native crafts dependent corporations. In fact the government should provide venture funding sources for granting loans to entrepreneurs who may adopt this approach of creating employment opportunities.

Even then under conditions of rational operations, the entrepreneurial citizens can assume the mantle of The Entrepreneur. The necessary rational operations, of course, effectively defines the scope and the demands of the mantle.

Yet a synopsized description of the role of the entrepreneur should be useful to the citizen considering assuming the mantle, in that such information should better enable the citizen make an informed self-assessment of the qualification to become an entrepreneur.

The Role of the Entrepreneur
The entrepreneur gets prepared a detailed Complete Business Plan consistent with the spirit of Business-entity founding Starting Phase, and with this document approaches venture capitalists for funding a venture that the entrepreneur wishes to undertake. Usually immediately following the funding, a fully operating corporation, though still in the Venture Embryonic Stage is set up with the aspects of the Venture Startup Operations Planning relevant to the Embryonic Stage implemented. The employees for the Embryonic Stage work until the development team actually produces and gets the products ready for sale, and the venture-entity then moves into the Venture Startup Execution Phase, at which time the marketing and sales departments jump into the action; and of course, now a fully functional corporation is born though still struggling to become viable by attaining the capability to support critical mass operations. Of course, the corporation is then taken public as an exit strategy for the investors.

So in this analysis of The Entrepreneur, the mantle is being comprehensively examined as to get all entrepreneurial world citizens to become well-informed and therefore become empowered as to be able to assume the mantle.

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