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Computer aided operation of socio-economic issues is so very essential that this aspect of the analysts reports are separated out and made the focus of this class of the analysts reports. In virtually all such reports the the results of the analysis is the development of software specification on which to base the development of the application software for the socio-economic issue.

Business entity founding, in general, is a very tasking endeavor; and although,  The Entrepreneur, significantly aids in providing understanding of some of the issues involved in the development of any new business, the implementation of the approaches is not always readily accessible to new entrepreneurs.

Moreover, although The Entrepreneur addresses ventures which generally imply high risks financial endeavors in the development process, the development of the underlying business is the same for high risk and low risk efforts. 

Business-Entity Development
Moreover, the organization of the knowledge under The Entrepreneur is aimed more at fostering conceptual understanding than actually supporting business development planning for implementation. The reports therefore are constructed within the context of the approaches proffered in the reports of The Entrepreneur, to enable the assiduous business owner take advantage of the concepts as presented.

Given that products for market participation that do not entail operation along any one of the remaining two dimensions of innovations: Manufacturing Technology and Marketing Dimension, to the extent that Founding Business Entities is being analyzed and reported on these submissions, the presentations are therefore partitioned into two groups: Business Development Planning - the situations in which the planned market participation does not involve any form of innovation, and Venture Development Planning - the situations in which the planned market participation however, involves development tasks along at least one of the Dimensions of Innovation, in which case, the market participation planning must necessarily begin with planning for the Embryonic Stage of Venture Startup, before the analysis reports here are considered for implementation.

In general, every business or venture development goes through three phases of the Start-Up Stage, constituting the business-entity development steps that need to be well-understood.


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